Here are the Terms & Conditions to know before becoming Associate  –

  1. When You Join our Affiliate Program. You will Get 5% Per Sale you Bring to our site.
  2. Every Affiliate Partners Will get the commission on 1st of Ever Month Through Bank Transfer But Only After they Complete the commission target of 500 INR.
  3. Every Affiliate Partner Will Get the Target. The target of Earning 500 INR Every Month. If you failed to complete the target of 500 INR commission on Next month 1st date. But If you are failed to cross the earning of 500 INR or More than this balance will continue in Next Month and whatever you earn next month will get added to the next month’s commissions. Whenever your target completes and it gets approved by us then you will get the commission on Next Month 1 Date.
  4. Why does your commission need to get Approved by us? and How Much time it takes to Get Approved?
  5. So the Answer is that Every customer gets the 5 Days Contact us option which means If a customer faces the problem than they can contact us anytime within 5 Days of sale. In the case of a genuine problem, we have to solve the problem by refunding the customer or If customer orders and payment gets failed. If these situations happen then our affiliate partner commission on that sale will also get Refused and our affiliate partner will not be able to earn from that sale. To Approve the commission we take Approx 10 days. and you will be able to see it all on the dashboard of your account page. You can see the status of your commission on your affiliate dashboard page and see your commission is approved or rejected.
  6. Example – If our partner has 0 or 499 INR or any amount under 500 INR in their balance as commission and earns the commission of balance amount on 250 INR in month or in the last week of month than your commission takes 10 days to get approved. so you will get paid. Next to Next Month which means if the sale happens in the last week of March than your commission will get approved by the 1st week of April and you will get paid by 1st May.
  7. Commission payment will be done through Bank Transfer Only. Add your bank Details by going to dashboard payment settings. Describe how you want to get paid. Give the details of your Bank Account in the payment setting of the affiliate dashboard page. No payment mode is available other than Bank transfer.
  8. Please Provide the Following Details on Payment Page. Account Holder Name, Account Number, Bank Full name, Branch Name, Bank Address, IFSC Code.
  9. Whenever you register and become the affiliate partner with us then don’t forget to add the payment details by going to payment settings and provide us the Payment Details. if we don’t find any proper payment details than your commission will remain on hold until your full payment details which are given above are not provided.
  10. has the right to approve or reject any commission or to block your account if we found any kind of Fraudulent activity happening through your account like ordering from same id you have affiliate account or doing fraud transactions to earn more commissions.
  11. Only Indian Residents are allowed to Become an Associates.
  12. You will not get the commission if you purchase anything from our site from the same Email id you have an affiliate account with us.
  13. 0% commission on Ready to Print or Wholesale Products.