Product Once sold and shipped can’t be returned. If the customer brings a genuine problem in that case Refund will be issued after deducting the following charges –

  1. Payment Gateway Charges (Paytm Charges from us for every transaction Up to 4%)
  2. Shipping Charges/Item
  3. Packaging and Convenience Charges (Rs.40)
  4. GST (Only deduct when order is done 2 day or week before month end)

After deducting above mentioned charges refund will be issued. But to get the refund, customer has to contact us within 24 hours of Delivery through WhatsApp @9188794610. If the deadline got passed no refund will be issued.

Clicksandco Traders (Founder of has the full right to accept or refuse the refund. If problem is genuine than only we issue the refund through google pay or any UPI app.